Multiple DUI ConvictionsSecond and third DUI charges are taken very seriously in California courts. Getting straightforward and highly aggressive legal representation is of the utmost importance if you have a previous conviction and are now facing another charge.

At Defending Rights Law Center, I represent people throughout the greater San Diego and North County area who have been charged with drinking and driving. My name is Joshua Price, and I dedicate my entire practice to DUI defense and am well-recognized by my peers. In my career, I have successfully handled more than 300 DUI trials and effectively defended people facing multiple DUI convictions.

Felony DUI With Multiple Convictions

Multiple convictions and DUI charges with an accident are considered felony offenses. Once you have been convicted of a felony DUI, you face significant hardships. One of the ways to minimize the negative impact on your life and to help avoid multiple convictions is to be represented by an experienced San Diego DUI defense lawyer.

I have the skills, track record in court, and expert knowledge necessary to undertake even the most complex and serious DUI cases. Unlike other attorneys, I focus solely on DUI law. This means that I will be the one handling every step of your case. From the time you call me to discuss the arrest through the process of developing creative defense strategies, I will be your advocate.