Felony-DUI-Defense-Attorney-Joshua-Price DUI accidents involving bodily injury are always felony offenses in California. These cases are among the most severe types of DUI and have more significant consequences than misdemeanor DUI charges. It is of the utmost importance that an experienced attorney represents you.

I am Joshua Price, and I will provide the legal representation you need. A DUI does not have to make you feel like you have hit a brick wall. I will work diligently to make sure that your rights are protected.

In my career, I have conducted more than 300 DUI trials and served two terms as the California DUI Lawyers Association (CDLA) President. Those charged with a felony DUI contacted my office because of my reputation and legal abilities. I stand ready to help you with the legal challenges you may face.

Felony DUI Consequences: Choose Your Lawyer Carefully

In our legal system, you are innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Just because the district attorney has charged you with a felony DUI does not automatically mean that you are guilty of a felony DUI. I am a veteran San Diego felony DUI defense attorney who dedicated his entire practice to defending my client's constitutional rights. And might I add, it takes years of experience, diligent focus, and expert knowledge to master this area of law. My track record speaks for itself.

A felony DUI conviction will result in mandatory state prison time, the loss of your license, and other severe consequences. When I handle felony or repeat DUI cases, I hit the ground running and work with all available resources to protect my client's rights. I waste no time gathering evidence and looking at opportunities to build a strong defense.