The DMV hearing is a critical part of the DUI process. If you are charged with a DUI, you only have 10 days before you will have your license revoked. Waiting to hire a lawyer to handle your case could be the worst decision you make. After you lose your license, you need someone who can immediately step in to protect your rights.

I am DMV hearing attorney Joshua Price. I have been representing clients in San Diego, Encinitas, and throughout San Diego County for two decades. My entire legal practice is dedicated to DUI. Throughout the past two decades, my legal work has been recognized by my colleagues and adversaries. I am highly involved in the legal community and have a lengthy track record of expertly handling drunk driving cases.

I urge you to contact me at the Defending Rights Law Center as soon as possible to discuss your DUI and DMV issues, including license suspensions. Call (619) 846-2235 today.

The DMV Hearing: 10 Days To Take Action

It takes experience and a deep knowledge of the law to step into a complex DUI case and be able to take swift action. I have handled countless DMV hearings and offer comprehensive legal representation for both the criminal DUI aspects of your case and the administrative DMV issues.

Because you have such a small time frame to request a hearing about your license, you need someone on your case immediately. I know the penalties, fines, and consequences that you will face if you are unable to have your hearing, and I know how the loss of your license will affect your daily life. I will make sure that you are able to drive to work and ultimately keep your license.