Commercial drivers rely on their driving privileges. As a commercial driver, offenses such as DUI in California can jeopardize your future and your career if you are convicted. If you are facing a DUI charge in the Southern California area, you can turn to my law firm for guidance and aggressive representation.

I am attorney Joshua Price of the Law Offices of Mr. Joshua Price, and I have been representing clients in DUI cases for 25 years. My entire law practice is focused on defending people facing drunk driving charges.

What I offer my clients is unique from other attorneys. I am widely recognized and respected for my expertise and abilities in DUI law. People throughout San Diego choose my firm because of my lengthy track record, the approach that I take when I am working with clients, and my knowledge of the law.

Commercial License And Endorsement Consequences With DUI

A commercial driver's license (CDL) is categorized as a Class A license. This means that driving offenses have much more serious consequences because of the classification. A DUI charge will effectively leave you with a suspended CDL and the possibility of losing your right to work in the same industry.

If you are convicted, you will face up to one year of driving suspension on both your commercial vehicle and your private vehicle. Repeat DUI offenses will prevent you from ever being able to possess a CDL for the remainder of your life.

The stakes are high for commercial drivers, and you need someone who has in-depth knowledge of the law. As your defense lawyer, I will do whatever is necessary to protect your rights. I have had great success defending commercial drivers over the course of my career, and I will put my skills to good use to develop a strong defense strategy for your case.