Get a DUI in Canada? Listen to Nickelback

So Canada gets a prize, not sure which one, for coming up with an innovative tactic to discourage drinking and driving. According to an article in the Daily Post, if you get busted for a DUI on Prince Edward you'll be forced to listen to Canadian heavy metal band Nickelback on the way to jail. It doesn't matter if you prefer classical, jazz or hiphop. The police will make the musical selection for you. "The Kensington Police Service is warning those “dumb enough to think they can drink and drive” that on top of hefty fines, criminal charges and a yearlong driver’s lice[...]

San Diego DUI Checkpoint

The San Diego Sheriff has issues a press release regarding a Labor Day weekend DUI checkpoint. PRESS RELEASE [...]

Navigating Justice for Active Duty Service Members and Veterans: The Impact and Future of the Military Diversion Program in California

At the intersection of military service and the justice system lies a unique demographic – Active Duty Service Members and Veterans grappling with mental health and substance abuse disorders. California's Military Diversion Program is a beacon of hope for these service members and veterans, providing a treatment-focused pathway to navigate this intersection. This article delves into this program's origins, workings, and impact while addressing challenges and future directions. Genesis of the Military Diversion Program Recognizing the[...]

Possible Defenses for a DUI Probation Violation in San Diego, California

Driving Under the Influence (DUI) is a severe offense in California that carries stringent penalties. While jail time, fines, and mandatory DUI classes are common sanctions, probation is often a component of the sentence for first-time and some repeat offenders. As part of California, San Diego adheres to the state's Vehicle and Penal codes regarding DUI offenses and probation terms. But what happens if one violates the terms of DUI probation in San Diego? This article covers the implications and procedures following a DUI probation violation in this jurisdiction. Understanding DUI Probat[...]