What Happens if I Refuse to Take Field Sobriety Tests?

Police officers have a wide range of tests at their disposal to help determine if a driver has had too much to drink. However, the problem with these tests is that they’re largely inaccurate, with some barely going above 60% accuracy. That leaves a lot of room for error. Even drivers who have had nothing to drink at all can fail these tests, leading to an arrest for DUI. Of course, blood and urine testing will eventually exonerate innocent drivers, but that doesn’t make up for the time lost or the stigma of being arrested. Should you refuse to take field sobriety tests? What happen[...]

6 Things That Can Damage Your Case if You are Stopped for DUI

Being pulled over for suspected drunk driving is stressful and frightening. That surge of adrenaline alone can make people do things they shouldn’t do. If there is any alcohol in your system, that can further degrade the situation by making you more likely to do things that could damage your case. If you’re pulled over, you need to be respectful, calm and compliant. Taking any of the following actions could seriously damage your case beyond the help of even the most experienced DUI attorney. Refusing the Breath Test Chances are good that one of the roadside sobriety tests an [...]

Should an Out of State Driver Hire a California DUI Attorney

California sees an immense influx of out-of-state visitors every year. They come for tourism. They come for business. They come for any number of different reasons. While those visitors are here, they eat and drink. There is always the chance that having a little too much to drink before getting behind the wheel will result in a DUI. As an out-of-state driver, getting a DUI in California can be even more stressful and frightening than getting one in your home state. What do you need to know? Do you need to hire a California attorney? What will the process look like? Will you lose your licen[...]

Do I Really Need An Attorney If It's My First DUI?

You go out to dinner with friends and have a beer with dinner. After enjoying your evening out and catching up, you get in the car and head home. Somewhere along the way, you notice blue lights in the rear-view mirror. The officer charges you with DUI, and you’re arrested. It’s frightening, stressful, and all too common. California’s tolerance for driving under the influence is at an all-time low, and rightly so. However, many people who aren’t drunk end up being caught in the crossfire. If this is your first DUI, you might be wondering if there’s any point in [...]

A Look at California Field Sobriety Tests – What Drivers Should Know

It is a police officer’s job to enforce the laws against driving under the influence. However, it can be very difficult to tell if someone has had too much to drink. The presence of alcohol on the breath is an obvious sign, but it tells the officer nothing about how many drinks the driver has had or how a drink might be affecting the driver’s abilities. To help determine whether or not someone is impaired, a number of field sobriety tests (FSTs) have been developed. If you’re pulled over on suspicion of DUI, you might be asked to perform any number of these tests. The Thre[...]